Some Offbeat Things to do in Moscow
Complete in 1561, Saint Basil's Cathedral is possibly the most peculiar church in the world. The colorful and most-photographed sight in Moscow sits in the city's fabled Red Square. According to legend, Ivan the Terrible had architect Postnik Yakovlev blinded after construction, so he could not replicate the design.
Once a military communication post decked out in case of nuclear attack, Bunker-42 is now a Cold-War museum, where guides in KGB uniforms conduct visitor tours, and guests can view the tunnels and weapons of the complex (
It's not often that you stop to smell the roses in a busy underground station, and Moscow's metro entrance halls are gorgeous, intricate works of art that are worth taking the time to look at.
Living up to its name, café/bar Cherdak (or Attic in English) is crammed with second-hand items from lampshades to Soviet-era TV)
Here kitty, kitty: Moscow has joined the cat café brigade with Cats & People, where homeless felines up for adoption purr nearby as you eat cookies and drink coffee.
Following in the shipstream of NASA's celebrated reduced-gravity aircraft (affectionately known as 'vomit comets') the Star City Cosmonaut Training Center offers stomach-turning trips of its own. During an hour and a half-long flight, you'll experience weightlessness as the plane flies in a Kepler curve, sending passengers floating off the floor.
Driving a tank is the stuff of action movies – unless you are in Moscow. At Put-In Tours you are cast roll around in Soviet armored vehicles after trying a tank ride simulator first. Finish off your blockbuster experience with a shot of vodka.
Don't be alarmed if someone hits you with a stack of birch leaves at the Sanduny Bath House – it's perfectly normal here. Getting a face-full of nature is one of the joys of having a banya (steam bath) at this popular spot that dates back at 1808 (
For a different glimpse into the past, visit the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games where you can try 40 machines dating back to the 1970s after inserting retro kopek coins. Have a go at the Russian version of battleships then grab yourself a soda from old-school drinks machine.