Jonathan McFarland currently works as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and as Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Linguistics, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. With a background in the Humanities - more than 20 years been working in the field of Medical English, he is a member of AMEE ( Association Medical Education Europe ), as well as being a member of the Moscow Office Committee, and ASME ( Association for the Study of Medical Education). He is also a Committee member of EUNAMES ( European Narrative Medicine Society), and a member of the honorary committee of the Gimbernat Surgical Society, as well as a member of ASOMEGA ( Association of Galician Doctors). He is the lay member for COMETA ( Ethics Committee for Primary Health Care for Mallorca). He is also co-editor of a forthcoming series for Springer entitled, New Paradigms in Healthcare. The first book in the series will be coming out very soon.

He is the President of The Doctor as a Humanist, which is an International organization of students, scholars, educators and practitioners dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of the humanities and humanism in medicine and healthcare around the world.