Philip McCarthy

My fields of interest are Applied Natural Language Processing (ANLP), Linguistics, ESL, and writing. My research typically involves making computational tools to analyze text or facilitate writing, teaching, and learning. In addition to numerous articles, I have published books on ANLP, computational analysis of text, and more recently, a textbook to assist students in writing research papers. The vast majority of my publications include students as co-authors as I strongly believe in bringing forth the next generation of researchers. Above all, I love teaching. I will happily teach anything to anyone of any level. I always try to bring entertainment and excitement to the classroom because class time should be fun time!
I am British born and an American citizen. I have also lived and worked in several countries including England, Turkey, Japan, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. My hobbies are cooking and playing the guitar, and my ambition is to one day actually learn how to do these things well.